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Office Chairs
Why a good chair matter?

In recent years, with the popularity of electronic products and the increasingly severe economic situation, people often spend more time sitting in front of their computers or their desks.

After sitting for a long time, your waist and neck will inevitably have soreness and lumbar muscle strain.

This is usually because the chair you're using isn't designed more efficiently to support your lower back, or to distribute pressure from your hips more evenly.

Therefore, we use a 10cm thick cushion for each chair, and the shape of the cushion as ergonomic as possible to help the buttocks better distribute the pressure on the cushion. And through the unique lumbar support system of each chair, it helps you reduce the stress on your waist, allowing you to spend more time sitting on the chair more comfortably.

But we sincerely recommend getting up and moving your body every 2 hours to relax your body, even if you don't feel muscle soreness.

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Gaming Chairs
Consumer's review from Amazon

I have been looking for weeks to find an office chair that fits in the design of our living room. This looked nice, was plush what I prefered when looking and had a higher back. (I am 6 feet tall.)It is risky to buy furniture online without the option to try it but happy I wnt ahead and bought this one.Although I just purchased it, it seems a good and comfortable chair. It does give sound when moving around on the wheels tho, but hope it will go away with time.Weird that it doesn’t have padding on the back of the back support, but should be alright without it.Needed two people to assemble the three parts together.

Consumer's review from Amazon

A perfect for home working. Comfortable and sturdy, providing the right support in all the right places. Easy to assemble and a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!

Consumer's review from Amazon

I bought this chair to replace an old office chair that I've used for the last year and I am super impressed. The chair was easy to assemble and the instructions are simple and clear to follow. The design looks professional and is made to a high standard. It's super comfortable and wider than I expected which adds to the comfort (I'm a bigger guy - 6ft1 and 18st). The chair is well padded and has extra support for the lower back. The arms also move up so it's easier to push under the desk. It's a great chair, highly recommend.

Consumer's review from Amazon

I bought this to replace a cheaper chair that wasn't very comfortable for me especially for sitting for long periods of time as after a while I'd have pain in my lower back.

I've had this chair for less than 3 hours but I'm already in love! I felt the difference instantly! and I almost certain this is going to be perfect for me (I'll deffo post an update after longer use).

It's just sooooo comfortable. If you're looking to replace your old chair or just need a decent desk chair, buy this!, I doubt you'd regret it.

It's pretty easy to assemble, although if you're of a smaller build, you may want some assistance as it not light.

Consumer's review from Amazon

The package I received was bigger than expected, but it is what I wanted. It took me about 30-40 minutes to install this chair. They provide a QR code in the user manual for you to view their installation video, as well as on the product page.There is a hex screw in the box, but if I have the electric screwdriver in the video, I think I can install it faster. The best part of this chair is it can support the back and it has neck pillow to support the neck, and it can it is moveable!! !wooohooooo! hope this will help other buyers.